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Andrea Fasciolo

Avvocato Andrea Fasciolo

Education and career history

Graduate (J.D) in 2006 at the University of Genova on 2006 with a dissertation in international law on “The Kyoto Protocol”. Diploma obtained after having attended the post graduate two years course at “M. De Andrè Law School” in Genova and second diploma taken at “DIREKTA National Institute of Law” in Milano (2008).
Admitted at the Italian Bar in 2009, he made his professional training in primary law firms in Genova, joining M&C Studio Legale Internazionale in 2015. When such firm merged in 2016 with Riccomagno Lawfirm, he has become member of MR International Lawyers.

Practice description

Andrea has a large experience in the legal management of disputes in the areas of conflicts of law and jurisdictions, insurance, maritime law and law of transports as well as in the assistance and consultancy work for construction, purchase and sale and financing in the yachting market both for Italian and foreign clients; active also as P&I correspondent.
He also practices in the area of insolvency law, real estate transactions, enforcement proceedings, wills and probate and cargo claims.

Association membership

Member of  the Genova Bar and of the Italian Maritime Law Association, he regularly attends congresses, seminars and workshops either at a domestic and at an international level.
Andrea is also member of the Propeller Club - Port of Genoa and of the Deutsch-Italienische Juristenvereinigung.

Personal life outside the law

Sports enthusiast with a particular attitude for football, cycling, swimming and skiing. Andrea is also very found of music and nature.


Italian, English, German and French.


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