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MR InternationalLawyers is delighted to attend the "ICC Centenary | ICC Incoterms® 2020 Italian Launch Roma" which will be hosted in Rome on 18th October 2019 at the La Lanterna in Rome. [...]

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MR InternationalLawyers will be honoured to attend the "CTU CODE BY IMO, ILO, UNECE SEMINAR" organized by C.I.S.Co. which will be hosted in Genova at the Chamber of Commerce on 30th October 2019. Our Colleague Enrico Molisani will also attend as speaker dealing with: "CTU Code: [...]

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The Law Firm

MR InternationalLawyers has, by its name, a strong orientation towards international practice. This is due to two reasons: because the firm gives its assistance not only to Italian but also to foreign clients; besides that the core of the activity is based on or connected to the transport which is per se international. Therefore, the law firm frequently provides advocacy on the Italian, European and international aspects of multi-jurisdictional disputes and advises in a range of non-contentious cross border matters.
Moreover, MR InternationalLawyers has another important feature: it works for primary insurance companies and brokers covering the marine risks and general transports.
In spite of the cross-border vocation and the above mentioned areas of expertise, the firm has stable roots in the town (Genoa) where is seated and in the country (Italy) where the firm provides defence, assistance, advisory and arbitral work in a wide spectrum of civil and commercial matters.
The lawyers of the firm not only commit themselves to render the highest quality and “on time” legal assistance so to meet in the best possible way the requirements and deadlines of the clients but also to try to establish a friendly and trustworthy relationship with them.

The firm is member of “The Lawyers Network” and all the members - primarily, among them Mario Riccomagno and Enrico Molisani - are active members in various maritime and professional associations and have many referrals and correspondents in Europe and out of Europe